Cell Line Development

EirGenix provides comprehensive cell line development services from DNA replication to the generation of stable producer cell lines for further process development and manufacturing. Our goal is to assist our clients in identifying the most favorable cell line expression system and provide optimization to achieve or surpass expected project targets.

Mammalian Cell Line
EirGenix can provide our clients with a variety of stable and high-titer mammalian expression platforms for their cell line development needs. This includes EirGenix’s own proprietary CHO-K1 cell line expression platform, where on average, our team is able to isolate and identify a stable and highly-productive cell line within 19 weeks. By coupling our own expression platform with our serum-free medium screening platform, we capable of achieving gram-level productivity consistently.

Microbial Cell Line
EirGenix provides our microbial cell line expression systems to help clients achieve the most productive yield by performing our high throughput platform. We provide an optimized manufacturing process by testing our strain library that contains hundreds of expressing combinations. In our lab, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment to perform high-throughput screening, basing our novel design on the principles of synthetic biology.


Cell Line Development

EirGenix is capable of supporting clients from DNA to a stable cell line for development and future manufacturing. We provide high titer and stable expression platform. By using our CHO cell line development platform, high productivity stable cell lines can be identified in 19 weeks. Combining our serum-free medium screening platform, the productivity can achieve gram level consistently. Previous project experience includes CHO cell, E. Coli, and Yeast...etc.


Cell Bank Manufacturing

With cGMP production facilities, extensive technical and regulatory expertise, Eirgenix provides cell bank production for our clients' efficient product development and to achieve regulatory approval. We provide cGMP facilities for master cell bank, working cell bank, and end of production cell.