CRM197 (Cross Reacting Material 197) is a non-toxic mutant of diphtheria toxin (58 Kd). CRM197 has been tested in animals studies and it has been demonstrated to lack toxicity.

CRM197 Carrier Protein

CRM197 can be used as a carrier protein for vaccine delivery. It acts by helping polysaccharide antigens to bind on and be internalized into antigen-presenting cells. This in turn induces T-cell-dependent responses.

Activated oligosaccharides/polysaccharides are covalently bonded to CRM197 carrier protein. (Vaccine 34, 4235-4242 (2016))


A schematic representation showing the steps in antigen processing and presentation of glycoconjugate vaccines resulting in helper
CD4+ T cell induction of B cell production of IgG antibodies to the polysaccharide. (Nature Medicine 17, 1602-1609 (2011))


Other Applications of CRM197

- Drug delivery of fusion proteins
- Cancer therapy for cancers related to overexpression of HB-EGF

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