Dividend Distribution

EirGenix, Inc.
Articles of Incorporation
Article 25
        If the Company has net profit in this fiscal year, the Company shall set aside between 1% to 5% of its profits as bonus to employees of the Company and set aside 3% (inclusive) or less of its profits as bonus to Directors. The distribution of bonus to employees may be made by way of cash or shares by the resolution of the Board of Directors. The employees may include certain employees of the subsidiaries who meet the conditions prescribed by the Company. The distribution of employee remuneration and director remuneration shall be heard by over two-thirds of the Board of Directors, be voted in favor for implementation by over one-half of the directors present and represented, and also be reported at the shareholders’ meeting.
       The Company shall first offset its losses in previous years that have not been previously offset, and then set aside annual profits as bonus to employees of the Company and set aside annual profits as bonus to Directors.
Qualification requirements of employees for distributing employees to compensation, issuing restricted stock for employees, issuing employee stock option certificates, issuing new shares, and the shares bought back by the issuing company transferred to its employees, including the employees of parents or subsidiaries of the company meeting certain specific requirements, entitled to receive compensation by the Board of Directors.

Article 25-1
         If the Company has earnings at the end of the fiscal year, the Company shall first pay all relevant taxes, offset its losses in precious years and set aside a legal capital reserve at 10% of the net profit, until the accumulated legal capital reserve has equaled the total capital of the Company; then set aside special capital reserve in accordance with relevant laws or regulations or as requested by the authorities in charge. The board of directors may propose the distribution for approval in the shareholders’ meeting.
It is authorized the distributable dividends and bonuses or legal capital reserve and capital reserve in whole or in part may be paid in cash after a resolution has been adopted by a majority vote at a meeting of the Board of Directors attended by two-thirds of the total number of directors; and in addition thereto a report of such distribution shall be submitted to the shareholders’ meeting.
         The company have the surplus profit distributable as dividends and bonuses to shareholders of no less than 50% of its Net Income, and shall be a resolution adopted by a majority of the shareholders present who represent two-thirds or more of the total number of its outstanding shares of the company.
        As the Company is in the growing stage, the dividend distribution may take the form of a cash dividend and/or stock dividends and shall take into consideration the Company’s capital expenditures, R&D plan, future expansion plans, and financial structure and funds requirement for sustainable development needs etc. The cash dividends may not be less than 10% of the total dividend amount. However, the actual distribution ratio is still subject to the resolution of the shareholders meeting.

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