Facilities and Capacities


Xizhi Facility

Xizhi, New Taipei City

Established in 1984

72,100 sq. ft. Facility

Pre-Clinical and Pilot-Scale

Mammalian Manufacturing Line

Microbial Manufacturing Line

Zhubei Facility

Zhubei, Hsinchu County

Established in 2019

234,933 sq. ft. Facility

Late-Stage Clinical & Commercial-Scale

Mammalian Manufacturing Line

Microbial Manufacturing Line (2023)

Our state-of-the-art mammalian cell cGMP production facility is located in the first floor of our building with footage around 10,000 square ft. It consists 200L and 1,000L single use bioreactors (SUB), purification room, final purification room, medium preparation room, buffer preparation room, washer room and a autoclave room. A new commercial facility located in northern part of Taiwan is officially operated in 2019. Two 1,000L and four 2,000L Single Use Bioreactor (SUB) system in the new facility; there are building the other parts for total twelve 2,000L Single Use Bioreactor (SUB) and annuual capacity of monoclonal antibody will be 1,000kg.