2019/06/10 - In advance of EirGenix, Inc's initial public offering, the company will issue new stock shares for public bidding. The bidding auction will start today and will be open for three days until June 12th. A total of 13,607 shares will be available for bidding at a starting bid price of NTD 26.96 per share. The minimum number of shares per order is set at 2 shares, up to a maximum of 1,811 shares per order. The highest bidders will be awarded the shares which will be announced publicly at 10:00 AM on June 14th. This public bidding is certain to draw attention to the company's official listing on the Taipei Exchange at the end of June.

With the announcement of its global licensing agreement with Sandoz AG in April, EirGenix continues to make further strides forward. In May, EirGenix has made significant upgrades to its commercial mass manufacturing plant that opened earlier this year in Zhubei. New equipment was added to the facility which will help to expand the plant's production efficiency and to meet the latest in manufacturing regulations. Last week, EirGenix also made a strong appearance in Philadelphia at the BIO International Conference, North America's largest biotechnology exhibition. EirGenix's team at the conference most definitely experienced the downstream effects of the company's recent collaboration with Sandoz AG, having set up more than 30 meetings with international companies with positive intentions to cooperate with EirGenix. Clients showed great interest in both the potential collaboration on EirGenix's current product pipeline, and also EirGenix's renowned CDMO services, with particular interest in the company's new commercial manufacturing plant. The collaboration with Sandoz AG, with its extensive experience and advantages in the global sales, marketing, and distribution of drugs, is predicted to jumpstart EirGenix's own business development. The partnership will accelerate the company's overall expansion of its operations and market penetration, thereby paving way for an even more productive and profitable future.