EirGenix rated top 5% Corporate Governance Evaluation at TPEx after second year of the IPO

Since the pandemic, EirGenix, Inc.(6589.TWO) has collaborated to develop COVID rapid test kits and vaccine productions while putting employees' health first. At the same time, its Corporate Governance Evaluation at TPEx for 2021 was rated in the top 5% of corporates only after the second year of the IPO. It is the 10th year EirGenix was established, and the company has never neglected to implement its social obligations.

EirGenix has assisted Taiwan's domestic biopharmaceutical firm in developing and manufacturing the COVID-19 S-2P Protein vaccine in the early stage of the pandemic outbreak and served millions of vaccine shots domestically and globally. Also cooperated to develop COVID-19 antigen rapid test kits with another two biotech firms, obtained domestic and oversea emergency use licenses (the tripartite cooperation contract expired on December 31, 2021, but the products can still be sold). During the same period, EirGenix's carrier protein, CRM197, was provided for global vaccine development academies, research institutes, and corporates to optimize vaccine programs using glycoproteins or synthetic peptides as antigens. EirGenix devoted a significant amount of time and resources to the fight against the pandemic to accelerate the development of related technologies and mass production services. To provide a high standard of safe working environment, EirGenix also provides employees and on-site service contractors to conduct rapid COVID tests once to twice a week since June 2021, with each employee taking over seventy tests during the period to ensure employees' health safety and manage operational risk at production sites at all costs. With the rising COVID infection cases and the short supply of rapid test kits, EirGenix provided an internal purchase channel for employees to protect their families and loved ones.

EirGenix has made significant progress in its product development (biosimilar drugs) and CDMO operation, thanks to each employee's dedication to reaching the common goal. In TWSE and TPEx's 2021 Corporate Governance Evaluation review, EirGenix was rated the top 5% TPEx corporates, the second year EirGenix participated in the evaluation. EirGenix believes taking care of employees is the best practice to implement its social obligations.