The Antibody Drugs Novel Biological Summit 2015 is held in Chengdu, China from March 15th to 16th, and EirGenix is invited to attend this distinguished meeting. 

Organized by Enmore Healthcare, this summit gathered various companies and institutions of the field of antibody from all around the world to discuss the following three main points:
 Drug quality improvement 
 Tumor and non-tumor bio-drugs research and development 
 Bio-drugs market and policy
In addition, the currently most popular technologies including immunization therapy, Bispecific Antibody and Antibody Drug Conjugate were profoundly discussed in this summit. With this opportunity, EirGenix’s vice president Dr. Frank Ho introduced the  technology and service capacity of its ADC production platform. Through this event, EirGenix successfully received extensive exposures and recognitions from the bio-industry.

Event Details
Event :  Antibody Drugs Novel Biological Summit 2015  
Venue : Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China 
Date : March 15th-16th