2019/04/10 – This year, at the 6th Annual National Industrial Innovation Awards (NIIA) held by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), EirGenix and several other stand-out companies were recognized for its national excellence in innovation. Over 319 firms were selected for consideration at the NIIA, and after rigorous review and examination by national academic and research groups, EirGenix was elected amongst the many for its leading innovation in both service and technology. For its contribution to services, EirGenix led the pact for its remarkable services as a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO). As a technological innovator, EirGenix was acknowledged for its exceptional technology in the reverse engineering of biologics to develop biosimilars.
The recognition bestowed by the prestigious NIIA awards comes only shortly after EirGenix was recently titled as the Best Bioprocess Excellence in Taiwan at the 6th Annual Biologics Manufacturing Asia Awards in February. With only 6 years under its belt, EirGenix has already garnered significant domestic and international attention for its strong and steady growth driven by its dedicated and hard-working team. With its continued expansion and growth of sales in the international market, positive progress in the development of its own pipeline products, and the near completion of its initial public offering process, the outlook for EirGenix is undoubtedly bright and promising.